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Music Selection

 World  Mix Inet prides itself on the best selection of contemporary and  classic country music. We also feature Independent and Unsigned artists.  Check our FAQ section on how to submit music for air-play  consideration. 

Station Outages

World Mix Inet operates on a terrestrial computer in South Pasadena, Californiia. Though we make every effort to provide  'fewer skip' continuous stream to our thousands of daily listeners, Windows does not always cooperate. 

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Free Music

Periodically we review a new artist or track and permission is given to let you download a free MP3 of one of their songs. Check out towards the bottom of this page for more information and your FREE MP3.

Big News

If there is a news story or public safety notice for our area you will find it here.


You have questions, we have answers. We will display the most frequently asked questions here, so everybody benefits.

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About Us


Our Station

 Welcome to  World Mix Inet. We are an Internet Radio Station based out of Los  Angeles, California. Thank you for hitting up the website. We are constantly in a state of an upgrade so check back often.


We are a Country music format featuring classic and contemporary country. We operate on a server capable of 1000 concurrent listeners.  That is, 1000 people can listen to us at the same time. We are often at  80% capacity. WMI will increase that listener slot count when needed.


Our mission is to be an internet station that you will be able to listen to anywhere and anytime. As a community-based station, we serve South  Pasadena, Pasadena, Alhambra and surrounding areas. Our purpose is to feature news and information from our service area and develop participation in community events, local school sports events and much more.



Don't get lost in the confusion and clutter of advertising and promotion. Target your message to your community.

We are welcoming inquiries for advertising. Please consider contributing to our development efforts and be a charter member of a community radio station with eventual plans to sustain a live on-air presence.  

We operate licensed broadcast software capable of scheduled advertising,  programming, and live announcers. We have signal conditioner software ready to hook up to a live radio transmitter and expand our community effort. But we need help. Drop us a line to see how you can be a part of the program. 

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The History of Our Station

With our express intention of community-based Internet Radio, we can secure the local scene and make you a part of it. No longer will there be a News Bully pushing the news that makes a difference to you around the corner.

With our managed programs and features we can take information to a new level by sharing the topics and information that affect your day and even your weekend.

Look for our Sports and Weather along with News that features your High School, your business, and your community.

Free Music Downloads

Free music downloads from our Indie Friends

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