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World Mix Inet is a Country music, Internet based music station operated by Michael Hughes. We are based in South Pasadena, California. Thank you for listening.

Our focus is the local area of Southern Cakifornia known as the San Gabriel Valley. The region is comprised of a couple dozen communities and is bordered, generally, by a few freeways and mountains on most sides.

World Mix Inet (WMI) hopes to offer live programming in the morning very soon. This will be themed "Coffee In The Valley - With Michael". There will be a lttle news and informaton, some fun facts, various entertainment features and a non-offensive cohort to share your morning coffee.

As the programming becomes more imbedded in the community we hope to pack up the remote PC and take it to the streets. The idea is to set up at various spots around the SGV area and broadcast the show from that spot. I hope to meet you out there. Stop by and say "Hello".
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