Music Submision
Does every band that submits music have a chance to be heard on World Mix Inet? Yes, everyone has a chance but not everyone is selected.

If you would like to submit music for Review on our blog or for potential airplay, there are now a few more options to get your music to us so that we can talk about it here on the site and potentially feature it on the air (see below).

One way to submit your
music to us and connect directly with our show host (and audience building coach Michael Hughes) is to submit music to him directly via e-mail here: submit (at) Please attach your track(s) in MP3 format. By doing this you will be assured of a Review and reply.

We also use services like Music Submit for submissions for potential airplay. Despite what the form here says, you can choose to submit music to us by either e-mail  Music Submit (you donít have to do both unless you choose to).
1. Use the form on tis page to create your Artist Account with
2. Upload your songs, pics, etc.
3. When you're ready, click "Get Free Submission" button in your artist account.
Additional help with growing your music audience is available by contacting Michael Hughes directly. Connect with him the e-mail address above.

Blog Review Submission Options

Our radio program is a showcasing of great music from albums and EPs. We donít do a lot of singles (unlike some other indie music programs). For this reason, we will sample multiple songs in your release for potential showcase on the radio show.

If you have a few songs (singles), an EP, short album (up to 11 songs) or full album (over 12 songs) and would like your album review posted to our site along with purchase links to your music, images, and other info on your band,.

*All reviews on our site from music submitted are objective, honest, and feature the highlights of the music, including what stands out most from the selections. If there is something unappealing about your music, we will make note of it. Our commitment is to our audience to showcase great music that they should check out. Make sure you are submitting great music to us to get the best review possible.

Do not hesitate to submit your tracks that you put together in your bedroom. It probably will not make it on the air, but I will always offer my honest, kind and subjective review and opinion. But honestly, some people are just not given the gift of a musical singing voice. I am one of them.

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