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Survival Of Joy by Light Warriors

Band Name: Light Warriors
Album Name: Survival Of Joy

In today's onslaught of negative information and soul destruction, we need a warrior mentality to remain positive. Light Warriors takes conscious music by singer-songwriters to the next level, fusing multiple styles to deliver uplifting sounds.

With the release of “Survival of Joy”, Light Warriors delivers an album that creates a refreshing and exciting new feel to classic genres. Lush with addicting guitar hooks, a vast mix of natural and digital instrumentation, and an indie pop attitude, the record boasts the catchy aesthetic of classic rock anthems for the attention-deprived digital era. Though the songs are individually diverse, there is a natural flow and order of the album that connects the eclectic tracks much like a concept album. The record succeeds in balancing emotional intensity, thoughtful lyrics and a rich musical palette that typically ranks with great songwriters and artists.

The first single, “Soul Breaks”, is a radio rock powerhouse that is representative of the eccelecticism within the album. Complete with smooth vocal harmonies and strong choruses, the song concisely and dynamically builds to a transcendent conclusion.

“Soul Breaks was written about potential solutions to negativity, deeply troubling experiences and the resulting pain and suffering. But the pursuit of love within ourselves always cures these momentary devastations we continually experience,” explains songwriter Erik Rabasca of the single’s meaning.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to fully experience the Light Warriors worldly perspective, “Survival of Joy” should be heard in its entirety.

“Survival of Joy is the full lyrical and musical realization of my diverse musical obsessions - from acoustic singer-songwriter, dub, reggae to jazz, free improvisation and classc rock and soul - and band experiences in recording and performing several projects over a decade as an underground artist. With this album, it feels like I'm finally beginning and the best is yet to come. I'm flowing with creativity now and already have the next Light Warriors album written,” says Rabasca.

The Survival of Joy album is now available for streaming and download on major digital outlets. Rabasca is planning on taking Light Warriors on the road with the goal of the playing at next year’s SXSW and CMJ Festivals and then hitting the 2017 summer festival circuit.

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