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"Forget Me Not" by
Kim Meeks
Band Name: Kim Meeks
Album Name: Forget Me Not
I have the blessing and pleasure to review great original music from Independent and Rising artists from many sources. There is some really good work out there. However, when a track you are reviewing stirs you, brings out an emotion, a memory, then you have to let others know about it.

Introducing: Kim Meeks

Her self-written "sleeping With The Past" not only was a story for many of us, but acknowledges the critical syndrome of staying in a nad relationship or situation. Something I can relate to. It is songs and lyrics that make an artist. Anyone, except me, can try to sing a song. But putting all the soulful impression into your music, like Kim does, can turn just another track to review, into a pleasure and excitement of purpose.

It renews how much I love music. It confirms my respect for people that can put into words and write a song, and then present it. In addition, Kim Meeks interacts and engages. She responds to emails, and let's you be a part of something that she is passionate about. Don't ever loose that involvement with your fans Kim. It will be what sets you apart from all the others.
From Kim Meeks Press Kit.

Kim Meeks, one of the artists recently chosen to represent the city of Macon, GA, with its first ever CD, stands alongside other musicians who call and have called this part of Georgia home.  Included among these are Otis Redding, Little Richard, and The Allman Brothers, just to name a few.

It's no wonder Meeks' vocal style and songs linger on the precipice of being almost indefinable.  Almost.  Kim creates her own genre of music that fuses rock, pop and alternative with soul and jazz, all with a touch of bluesy longing that leaves her listeners yearning for more.

From the time she could talk, Meeks has been singing and perfecting her craft, "Music is a part of me; it's who I am. "

Her musical standing solidifies itself with her current Forget Me Not tour which included a recent stop at the World Famous "Eddie's Attic."

Whether it's singing, writing songs, or playing keyboard, Meeks lives and breathes her music, and with her debut EP, Forget Me Not, the audience remembers every line and note.  The CD captivates with original songs such as Everybody's Pretty, inspired by real-life heartache, to the title track, Forget Me Not, which alludes to the evils of celebrity.  Produced by award-winning musician, Joey Stuckey, Meeks pulls out all the stops with this compilation, proving her talents as a singer and songwriter and picking a favorite song isn't easy.
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