There is a lot of great music out there. Some spectacular, thoughtful and clever lyrics. Music interests are capable of spanning all genres. The intent of World Mix Inet is to play a cross section of all of it. All within the Country genre.

We invite any input or suggestions. I would love to play some music that is popular where you are. I just do not have access to it in other countries. Please tell us what you might like to listen to.

Features and artists are something we will be building and adding to. I like artist interviews and stories. If you are or know an artist that might be available for an interview or participate in our online chat - please let us know.

Online Chat
The online chat is for just that purpose. Chat! Meet others who love music and wish to meet people from other countries and cultures. I hope to have special "Chat Guests". Please post pictures from where you live. explain why it is culturally or personally significant. I look forward to
meeting you.
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